joli longboards tells you how to find the perfect shape for your new baby.
here follows step two: the making of. we illustrated that a bit. enjoy!

First, of course, find a proper shape you like from your sketches.
then, grab a large, not to thin piece of paper and have the following ready:

felt marker,
steel ruler (or any ruler that's flexible and ~ 1 m long),
paper tape

then, use the steel ruler to make straight, smooth curves translating your desired shape-of-dreams onto paper. first pencil, then feltpen was our choice - you can mess first and then make yourself clear again which line counts.

draw only one side, the other one will be copied later.

then, follow the ultimate line with the paper tape. believe me, this makes it a hell easier to cut the form!

wow, great. now, use a steady hand and the cutter to cut side one...

... and after, fold it over and do the same with side two (might come in handy to fix the paper with some more paper tape).

now comes the big moment: unfold the shape!

after this, try the shape. that's important.

ok, we tried beforehand, awright, awright. try whenever you like.

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