how to build a longboard?

joli longboards tells you how to build a longboard semiprofessionally... ha!
we build our boards without glass fibre, just plain clear wood. we think that's the hell cooler.

okay, but lets talk business now!


___ first, you need to have a base form which has the height of your boardflex. it has to be absolutely plain and smooth
ours has 5cm maximum height, is 2m long and is made from laminate.
___ vacuumfoil
___ a vacuum pump (sorry, it doesn't work without)

___ enough griptape
___ large masses of epoxy

___ an apron
___ a roller
___ a compass saw (stichsäge)
___ a file
___ a massive cutter or scissors for the griptape


we use furnier, very thin wooden slices. you can lay them the way you want which gives better flex than one you buy readymade.
we now know: 18 layers is more than enough for a board of 120 cm. for shorter boards, use less layers.

lay most of the layers in driving direction...but don't forget 3-5 crossing layers so the whole thing has side stability!

okay, now you'll need a bucket full of epoxy, a roller, an apron – and a faaaast hand.
cover each with a thin layer of epoxy, then put them in the order you want them.

now cover the whole thing with vacuum foil, close every opening on the sides and let the vacuum pump do its work...
go have a beer, maybe. or two, as you'll need to wait around 5 hours or longer.

now, remove the foil, take your shape and draw it onto the board. be exact!!

use a compass saw (stichsäge) to cut your shape

file the rims....

then measure the place for the holes for the axes verrry carefully. make sure they're absolutely parallel.

put a cover laque on the surface

cut and mount the grip tape...

mount the axes...

hey, the result! one day of hard work. aren't they absolutely lovely?!

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