joli longboards team some crazy day, these three individuals met in the right moment to start building boards. long boards. oh yeah.

the idea actually started when linda and johanna had had too much beer one night out in munich.
we found that the time was there to build our own longboards and not let boys take all the fame! besides, we thought most existing boards and shapes suck - and that we could do much better ones.
things really worked out well, so in the end of the evening, we had an idea, lots of sketches and the will to really go and do it. strike! the perfect combination had met.
so, johanna brings the form skills, linda the material knowledge, and number three, hansi, supports us technichal ly.

the name JOLI combines the two names 'JOhanna' and 'LInda' with the way we want to be riding: jolly boardgirls!

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